Stephen Watt
Physical Education

King families,

Personal health/fitness is as important as ever so I have included a fitness log below so you can help keep track of your fitness activities.

Please take good care of yourself and your families and stay positive. Stay connected with friends and family - maybe try doing workouts together via Facetime.

Check out the King Facebook page every Wednesday to see how my family and I are staying active and please share your photos and/or comments to share how you are staying physically fit too!

Remember to stay active, practice social distancing and wash your hands!

Talk soon,
Mr. Watt

Fitness Log

Week of April 14 - click on Useful Links for a family friendly workout for this weeks PE lesson - work hard and have fun!

Week of April 20 - click on Useful Links to view a video for ideas to help you create your own Fitness Tree Challenge.  Whether it's with chalk on a sidewalk or with pen and paper, create and perform your very own Fitness Tree.  If you're able to, email me a video of you performing your Challenge - I'd love to see what awesome ideas you've come up with!  Have fun and stay safe!

Week of April 27 - this week we're going to work on soccer juggling - with our feet of course!  Practice with any type of ball as long as it's not too heavy.  For our young ones - juggling with a balloon is a super way to practice and gain confidence!  As always - wash those hands, stay safe and exercise!

Week of May 4 - it's a "Dance off"!  Everyone should create a dance to the music of their choice.  It's ok to borrow and use ideas from others - you can even work together with a partner(s) and create a group dance.  Click on Useful Links to view a demonstration.  Be creative, have fun, stay safe and I can't wait to see everyone soon!

Week of May 11 - physical fitness week!  When we finally get back to school - whether at King or middle school for our 5th graders - fitness testing will resume so let's get some practice in.  Push-ups - upper body strength, sit-ups - core strength, flexibility (toe-touches while keeping those legs straight) and Pacer - endurance.  The first three can be performed anywhere, but training for the Pacer requires a little space.  Maybe outside (safely) if you can, maybe a long hallway in your home or even jogging in place.  Do your best, work hard and stay safe!

Week of May 18 - this week we're going to work on volleying a ball with a racquet or paddle with any ball that's not too heavy.  If you don't have a racquet or paddle, use your hands!  If you can't find a ball, use a balled up piece of paper!  Use your imagination - you can do this.  Practice with both hands - your dominant and non-dominant - and count how many times you can volley the ball in a row.  Once you've practiced for awhile, find a family member to volley back and forth with.  Go to Useful Links to view a demonstration.  Have fun and stay safe! 

Week of May 26 - I hope everyone had a healthy and active Memorial Day weekend! This week we're going to work on core strength.  We touched on this two weeks ago when we practiced for physical fitness testing.  Sit-ups is an excellent exercise to strengthen our core, but this week we will also practice planks - straight arm or forearm.  Do 15 seconds, rest, 30 seconds, rest, 45 seconds, rest, then 30 seconds.
Two days later, do this set again starting with 30 seconds, then 45, then 60, then back to 45.  This is a great exercise to do with the whole family!  Plus, since everyone is already stretched out on the floor, show your family Superman, Ironman, Banana and Wattman!  If you don't remember, check out Useful Links.  Have fun and stay safe!