Mrs. Long
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 Dear Parents,

 Thank you again for all the support during this school year. The students made amazing progress. I have missed being able to see them come full circle with their learning, but thanks to technology and resourceful parents, the students were able to continue their learning at home. Please use the websites through Clever, and under useful links on my webpage so your child can continue to grow and learn. 

I am linking the powerpoint from the last zoom for people to watch at their leisure. Click Here to see the powerpoint. The music should work, click the small icon on the top left corner of the power point to turn music on. Enjoy!! 

Have a happy and safe summer!! I am looking forward to seeing the students again soon.



Mrs. Long

Encore Schedule:

Day 1  Library
Day 2  PE
Day 3  Music
Day 4  Art
Day 5  PE
Day 6  Music

Class Schedule:

Times Schedule
 8:50-9:00  Arrival/Bell Work
   Language Arts
 11:05- 11:35  Lunch
   Snack/Science/Social Studies
 1:35-2:20  Encore
   Science/Social Studies
3:40   Dismissal