Stay Connected with Our PTO

Stay Connected to King's PTO!

After joining the PTO's website (which is FREE), you can download the PTBoard App onto your Apple and Android devices by searching the app store for PTBOARD. Through the PTBoard app, you can stay connected and know all about the PTO announcements, see the calendar of events, receive meeting reminders, and view volunteer sign-up opportunities.
To sign up:
1. Browse to: (opens in a new window)
2. Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner and you will be prompted to create an account within PTBoard.
3. You will be sent a confirmation email to verify your email. Click the confirmation button to go back into the PTBoard site.
4. Log back in and click the green button to Join School. Enter school code “6PGWAB” and click Join.

The site can be translated instantly into 100+ languages using Google Translate by going to the bottom of the page selecting the desired language.
If you have any questions about PTBoard, please email:

Thanks again!
Your PTO